Ye Dragon’s Lair



“Trevor’s an artist!” Amagora tells you as you walk over to Trevor’s cave. He’s not very old but he does pretty good for a little guy I think! He came here to help out with the graphics at the Lair and the Alien Artist is helping him with his painting. I think they are cooking up some new web sets or something!”

All of you stop just outside of Trevor’s cave. “Hey Trev!” Amagora shouts! “We got company!”

“Company? I love company!” A Green spotted dragon bounds out of the cave. “Hey, come and see my latest painting! It’s pretty good! It really is!”

You all walk into Trevor’s cave to see his painting. “That’s pretty good.” you tell Trevor.

“I thought so too. You should see what the Alien Artist and I are cooking up together. It’s going to be grand! He’s going to get his own part of the Lair pretty soon to put up the web sets and stuff and some of his friends that want to be adopted. It’s going to be great fun.”

“Wow! It sure sounds like it. What kind of web sets and stuff are you making?”

“Oh, that’s a secret for now. You’ll just have to wait and see like everyone else.” Trevor starts jumping down with excitement. “I can hardly wait for Orpha to give the Alien Artist his own space! We have so many ideas. Just you wait and see!”

“I can hardly wait!” you tell Trevor with a smile.

Adoption Certificate