Ye Dragon’s Lair

Two New Dragons

Amagora and Trevor


Some time had gone by since Orpha had adopted any new dragons at the Lair. Since we now had a Dragon Nanny, we all thought it was about time for some new dragons in the Lair. Orpha said she would see if there were any dragons wanting a home but before she could set out to find likely dragons; two dragons came to the Lair and asked to be adopted!

The first dragon that came to the lair was a strange dragon indeed. He told Orpha that his name was Amagora and that he had heard of the Alien Artist. He was very anxious to meet him as he claimed that he had actually been abducted by Aliens once when he was a young Dragon and had been interested in Aliens every since. He thought he would fit right in at a place that had adopted an Alien. Orpha talked to him and decided that he would indeed fit in at the Lair. He was a bit strange but then, there is room for strangeness at the Lair after all!

The second dragon that came to the Lair was named Trevor and claimed to be an artist. He had heard that the Lair had adopted an Alien Artist so he figured he would fit right in there. He loved to draw and paint too and would love to help both the Alien and Orpha do the artwork at the Lair. After talking to this Dragon and looking at samples of his work, Orpha decided that he would fit in at the Lair quite nicely as well.

So it was that the Lair got two new Dragons in the Dragon Caves…Amagora and Trevor. You can find them in their homes in the Dragon Caves. You might want to go visit them there some time.