Ye Dragon’s Lair

An Unexpected Visitor

The Alien Artist

The Alien Artist


One day as Orpha sat in the Graphics Studio working on a new web set, she heard a strange sound outside. It was a strange almost singing sound that came closer and closer. She ran out the door of the Studio to see what was making that strange noise and could not believe what she saw! A silvery disc was landing in the clearing just outside of the studio! All of the dragons and fairies in the Lair had rushed to the clearing to see what was going on. Some of the babies were afraid and crying. Malacore said there was nothing to be afraid of because he would protect all of them. He really did look rather fierce

A door opened up one side of the silvery disc and a strange little green person walked out. He smiled at everyone and held up a paint brush. “I’m an artist” he said, “and I want to join you here at Ye Dragon’s Lair! I love to draw and paint and I think I could really help out here”

Orpha was speechless to say the least. She had never thought that an alien would come to join the Lair! He did seem friendly enough. “What’s your name?” she asked the alien finally.

“Oh, you could never pronounce my name! You can just call me The Alien Artist. That will be enough of a name I think.”

“I suppose so,” Orpha said. She still wasn’t sure what to make of all this. “Exactly what do you want to do here at the Lair?”

“I thought that I could have my own little space here… we could call it Ye Alien’s Lair I think. That would be perfect.”

“Let me get this straight… you want your very own place here called Ye Alien’s Lair? I’m not at all sure about that. I don’t even know you. You seem nice enough but... I just don’t know!”

“I can understand that, of course, the Alien Artist said. I will give you some time to think it over and then we can work on my very own Lair. I’m SO excited! We are going to have such fun together!”

Well the little green Alien Artist seemed friendly enough so Orpha agreed to give the idea some thought. I wonder if she will really give the Alien Artist his very own space here at the Lair. Wouldn’t THAT be interesting!

Two New Dragons!