Ye Dragon’s Lair

The Dragon Nanny




Orpha looked high and low to find a suitable nanny for the baby dragons she had adopted. She wouldn't settle for just anyone to look after her precious dragons... it had to be someone special just as her dragons were special. She interviewed several women for the job but not one of them wanted the job of taking care of baby dragons. One women flat out told her that dragons just did NOT exist and not to bother her with faerie tales! Another one saw the baby dragons and fainted dead away. Orpha decided that the best nanny for baby dragons would be an adult dragon... one who knew how to take care of baby dragons. Malacor did the best he could but just didn't know how to take care of them. But where could she find a suitable dragon who would take care of her babies?

She tried the adoption agency where she had found the baby dragons but there were no suitable adult dragons there. She was about to give up hope altogether when she discovered the Adopt a Dragon Foundation. It's a good thing that she found that when she did as now the Adopt a Dragon Foundation is no where to be found. Anyway, They had several likely adult dragons that very much wanted to be adopted. This seemed to be the perfect solution for everyone... the baby dragons would have a nanny and the nanny would have a good home. She hoped she could just find the right dragon for the job.

One day as she was at the Adopt a Dragon Foundation looking for the perfect dragon nanny, she saw an older dragon outside on the grass reading to a bunch of young dragons. This dragon seemed to enjoy being with the the children and the children seemed to be enjoying her story. Orpha decided to wait until she was finished reading and then ask her if she would like to come to Ye Dragon's Lair as a dragon nanny.

Jenni looked up from her reading and saw Orpha standing there watching. She smiled and went back to her reading. When she was finished reading to the young dragons, she got up and walked over to where Orpha was standing.

“Hi, my name is Jenni,” she said. “Are you the one who’s been looking for a dragon nanny to adopt?”

“Why, yes I am. I have to warn you that the three baby dragons I have are quite a handful at times. But they really need someone like you to take care of them. Please, could you come with me to help me take care of my babies?”

Jenni smiled. “I’d love to!” she said.

And so it was that Jenni came to live here at the Lair to help take care of the three baby dragons. I won't say that everyone lived happily ever after. The three babies still get into trouble from time to time but for the most part, things are much happier here at Ye Dragon's Lair. And who knows... now that we have a dragon nanny to help out, maybe Orpha will adopt more dragons! Wouldn't that be fun?

Jenni's Adpotion Certificate


The next story isn't about adopting a dragon. It’s about a very special being who came to live at the Lair

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