Ye Dragon’s Lair

Disaster in the Studio

Faylinn smiles and begins her tale:

The baby dragons we have adopted are always a lot of fun. They are a lively bunch and they get into mischief much as any children do. I remember one day in particular that they really got into big trouble.


Eelah, Mara and Shamus were taking their afternoon nap so Malacore thought that he would take advantage of this bit of quiet time to do a bit of upkeep on his treasure hoard. Dragons like to make sure that their treasures are kept clean and polished and quite naturally, Malacore much prefers to do this without the help of the baby dragons! The baby dragons love to help “Uncle Malacore” with his treasure but a baby dragon’s idea of helping isn't very helpful sometimes.

Malacore peeked in at the babies and saw that they were all sleeping quietly. They had just started their nap and he figured that they would be asleep for quite a while longer. Some of the caves where some of Malacore’s treasure is stored were pretty remote from the caves where the baby dragon’s were napping but Malacore felt that if he worked quickly, he could get everything done before the babies awoke.

But the babies awoke before Malacore was done with his treasure. “Uncle Malacore” wasn’t in and of the nearby caves so the three of them went looking for him. Somehow or the other they ended up in the Graphics Studio.

The graphics studio is off limits to the baby dragons. They have all been told this many times, but they went into the studio anyway. Orpha, who does the graphics here at the Lair, usually locks the door to the graphics studio when she leaves to make sure the baby dragons can't get in but on that particular day she forgot.

The three baby dragons had a heyday in the studio that afternoon. They found some paint and started to paint everything in sight. They painted the walls, the floor and each other! Then they started playing with some of the graphics. The Southwest Clay set is made of clay, of course, and one of the babies dropped a part of it and broke it. There where shards of Southwest Clay all over the floor. Another baby broke a part of the Glass Butterfly set. Oh, what a mess those three baby dragons made of things before Malacore finally tracked the three of them down!

“Oh NO!” he roared. “What have you done? Orpha will be furious with me for letting you get in here!”

The three baby dragons started wailing piteously and Malacore was sorry that he had roared at them. Malacore tried hard to soothe the wailing babies but he just didn't have that much experience in taking care of young dragons. Soon the wailing had attracted the attention of the faeries in the Faerie Grotto and the rest of the dragons in the Dragon Caves.

“What’s the problem” I asked Malacore as I entered the battered studio. I surveyed the mess and turned to Malacore. “I supposed the three of them did this?”

Malacore sighed. “Yes. I just took my eyes off them for a moment. I thought they were still taking their naps. Look at what they did. Orpha will never forgive me!”

“Well, let’s get the babies soothed and then we will all pitch in and see what we can do.”

Well, we all pitched in and did what we could to fix the mess. We couldn't fix the broken graphics, of course but we could scrub up the spilled paint and sweep up the mess. Just as we were finishing, Orpha arrived back at the studio.

“What happened here?” she asked.

“Three baby dragons is what,” I told her. “Malacore thought they were still napping and they had a merry time until he caught up with them. You should have seen it before we got it cleaned up.”

Orpha sighed. “Were any of the babies hurt? I see that some of the graphics got broken.”

“No, none of them were hurt though from the wailing they were doing after Malacore roared at them, you would have thought that they were.”

Malacore hung his head in shame. “I guess I shouldn't have roared at them. I was so upset when I saw the mess they had made. I'm sorry.”

“Well, it’s my fault too. I should have made sure that I locked the door when I left. And maybe you need more help in taking care of the babies, Malacore. Maybe we should look for a nanny dragon to come and help.”

Malacore looked hopefully at Orpha. “Oh, do you think we could? That would be lovely. I do the best I can but since I’m a bachelor, I'm not sure that I really know how to take care of baby dragons.”


Well, Orpha did finally find us a nanny dragon. Here is the story of The Dragon Nanny