Ye Dragon’s Lair




Mara runs ahead of you and Malathar as you go to visit Shamaus. “Hey Shamus, wanna play tag?" Mara yells as you enter Shamus’ cave. Shamus is a cute green dragon who is wearing a shamrock decorated hat and is guarding a small pot of gold.

“Hello Shamus,” you say to him.

“Hi,” Shamus says shyly. He looks at you and then at his pot of gold.

“It's ok, Shamus! You can run and play with Mara.” Malacore tells him. “This nice person won't take your treasure. Besides, I am here to watch it for you.”

“Ok!” Shamus says and runs off to play tag with Mara.

“Do all baby dragons have treasure hoards, Malacore?”

“Shamus is a bit unusual, actually. Most dragons don't have treasure when they are as young as he is but he had the gold when we adopted him. He said it was a gift from a leprechaun."

“The gold was a gift from a leprechaun? Isn't it a bit unusual for a leprechaun to just give a dragon a pot of gold?”

Malacore shrugs. “I really couldn't say. I've never met a leprechaun. Have you?”

“No, not really. I have just heard stories about them and their pots of gold.”

Malacore smiles. A dragon smile is an awesome sight with all of the sharp teeth they have. “I don't know much about leprechauns and what they do with their gold. All I know is what Shamus told me.” You decide just to drop the subject for now.

“Would you like to go visit our older Dragons?” Malacore asks.

“I would like that very much,” you tell him.

Amagora is just along the path here. We just adopted him and he is a bit unusual.”