Ye Dragon’s Lair




As you enter Mara’s cave you are immediately bowled over by a little dragon with hearts on her wings. “Yay! We got a visitor!” this little whirlwind squeals.

“Mara, let the nice person get up!” Malacore rumbles. “I'm sorry about that,” he tells you. “The baby dragons tend to get out of hand once in a while. It’s better now that I have Jenni to help but they’re still a handfull let me tell you!”

“She’s really an adorable little dragon,” you tell Malacore. “I love the little hearts on her wings. She looks like a dragon Valentine.”

“Yes she’s a little darling but she is full of mischief. She’s a handful even for Jenni. Before Jenni came here to help I was at my wit’s end!”

“Oh,how many baby dragons do you have here?”

“Right now we have three babies and two older dragons that we just adopted. I am sure that there will be more little dragons being adopted especially now that Jenni is here to help out. Would you like to see the other dragons?”

“Oh yes, please! I would love that.” you tell Malacore.

“OK. Just follow me. Baby Eelah is in the next cave over.”