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Welcome to Ye Dragon’s Lair. There are many things to see here in the Lair. Above you will find a map of the various places you can visit. As you can see, it is a bit singed. One of our visitors bothered some of Malacore’s treasure and he got a wee bit upset! Please be careful.

In the faerie grotto you will find our faerie friends. The dragon caves are the homes of our dragons, of course. The Story Teller has stories about the creatures who live here in the Lair. The graphics studio contains free web graphics for use on your own site. Ye Alien's Lair is the home of our new Alien friend. He has some alien pets and friends for adoption and a few free websites of his own to share. The magic pool is where the web rings and other inks can be found and where you can send messages to Ye Dragon's Lair. Just click on the map to travel to these places.

Have fun on your visit here but again, please be careful not to bother Malacore's treasure!


Little Dragon Castle

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Color Wheel Pro - a program that allows you to see color theory in action: you can create harmonious color schemes and preview them on real-world examples.