Ye Dragon’s Lair

The Fairie Grotto


Garden Fairy

You continue wandering through the Faerie Grotto taking in the sights. There are Faeries flitting about everywhere, talking and giggling. Some of them call out to you in greeting and you greet the Faeries in return.

Suddenly you catch a glimpse of something white and orange sitting among some daisies. You look more closely and you see a shy little Faerie holding a chipmunk on her lap.

“Hello there” you tell the Faerie.

“Greetings Mortal!” she says quietly. “Speak softly so as not to frighten my little friend. He has a hurt paw and I am tending to him.”

“Ahhh... poor little thing! I hope he will be ok! How did he hurt his paw?”

“He was outside the Lair and a dog nearly got him! He made his way here and I have been caring for him since. He should be just fine.”

“Oh, poor thing. It's lucky for him that he found you to help him.”

The Faerie smiles and nods. You decide to leave her to tending her friend.

Dragon and Fairy

You come to a low wall and there you see a large orange dragon talking to a Faerie Man.

The dragon looks at you and smiles. “Why hello there! You must be the Human that is here visiting the Lair. Welcome to Ye Dragons Lair!”

You smile back at the dragon. “Thank you! I am having a lovely visit here. There is so much to see. However I must say that I never expected to see a dragon here in the Faerie Grotto.”

The Faerie man smiles and says, “Sometimes the dragons from the Caves come to visit us. It's not too bad when the grown up dragons visit but it can get exciting when the young dragons pop over for a visit. They seem to have SO much energy that's hard to keep up with them! It's better now that they have a Dragon Nanny to help care for them but before she came to help, poor Malacore was run ragged chasing after those baby dragons.”

“So I have heard,” you say with a chuckle.

“We have a lot of fun times here in the grotto,” the Faerie continues. “Sometimes we hold parties and the dragons all come over to join us. And sometimes Faeries from other grottos come to visit us and join our fun. I hope you have enjoyed your visit here in the Faerie Grotto. Come back and visit us again some time!”

“Yes,” you tell the Faerie Man. “I think I would like that very much!”