Ye Dragon’s Lair

Baby Eelah


Baby Eelah

The little blue dragon in the next cave is a lot quieter than Mara. As you enter her cave, she looks up at you with a shy little smile. “This is little Eelah,” Malacore tells you. “She can be a bit shy at times.”

“Hello, Eelah!” you tell the little dragon.

“Hi,” Eelah says quietly.

Mara has followed you into Eelah's cave, however, and she isn't quiet at all. “Hey Eelah, wanna play tag?” she yells loudly. Eelah shakes her head and sticks her thumb in her mouth.

“Mara, Eelah is too young to play rough games with you. Give her a little time. Malacore pats Mara on the head fondly. “Maybe Shamus would like to play with you instead.”

Mara starts tugging on you. “Let's go see Shamus!” she squeals.

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