Ye Dragon’s Lair




“Amagora came to us when he heard that we had adopted an Alien,” Malacore tells you. “He claims to have been abducted by Aliens when he was a young Dragon and has been interested in Aliens ever since.

“He was abducted by Aliens? I didn’t know that Aliens abducted Dragons!”

“That’s what he claims and I’m not about to say that he’s lying about it! I wouldn’t suggest that you do so either!”

“I wouldn’t dream of it!” you tell Malacore.

“Anyway, Amagora’s cave is right over there. Let’s go pay him a visit.” As you walk over to Amagora’s cave, you wonder what kind of Dragon would claim to be adducted by Aliens!

“Hey Amagora!” Malacore says at the entrance of the cave. “I have someone who would like to meet you. May we come in?”

“Sure, come right in!” a cheerful voice sings out. “I’m always glad of company!”

You enter Amagora’s cave and see a happy green dragon smiling toothily at you. “Hi, I’m Amagora!” he says.“I was abducted by Aliens once you know! Now I live here at the Lair with my friend, The Alien Artist. He’s a very nice Alien, you know, and we get along splendidly!”

“I’m glad to hear that,” you tell Amagora. “How did you come to be abducted by Aliens? What happened to you?”

“I was really quite young at the time and was just learning to fly a little. I was flying in a meadow when a UFO came down and landed in the middle of the meadow. A little Alien came out and asked me if I would like to visit with them for a bit. The little Alien seemed to be so nice that I wasn’t at all afraid so I said I would. We swooped up into the sky and then into outer space. We visited all sorts of planets and moons before they brought me home safe and sound to my meadow! I would love to fly with them again but I am much too large now, you see!”

“Sounds more like a visit than an abduction!” You tell Amagora.

“Well, maybe so but everyone says that Aliens abduct people and I thought it sounded more exciting that way! Don’t you think so?”

“Hmmm… maybe so,” you tell Amagora with a chuckle. “Are you happy here at the Lair?”

“Oh yes! I love it here! I can’t fly up into outer space with the Aliens now that I am too big but I can visit with my Alien friend here every day. That’s just about as much fun, don’t you think? And I have another friend here at the Lair as well. His name is Trevor. Would you like to go visit him as well?”

“I would like that very much. Let’s go visit Trevor!”

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