Ye Dragon’s Lair

Ye Alien's Lair

Ye Alien’s Lair

I finally talked Orpha into giving me my own space here at the Lair! You can meet some of my friends here and adopt a new alien friend or pet. I am also working on a few websets for people to use on their own web sites. Feel free to come right in and make yourself at home here. You don't have to worry about touching MY treasure, however, as I don’t have a treasure hoard as Malacore does nor do I breath fire!

My friend, Trevor the Dragon, and I have worked hard on our new web pages and we have some cool stuff to share with you. On our adoption page you will find several alien friends and pets to adopt, I have made some Alien Web Sets to share with you and Trevor has some stuff of his own to share. Follow the links below to visit our pages.